Monday, June 22, 2009

Random June

June has been a busy month for us, full of random laughs, big events, and firsts. Tyler is a classic toddler. He's constantly on the go, climbing everywhere, and talking and doing things that make us laugh constantly. Here are a few pictures that correspond to some of those randoms.

Tyler's last day at daycare for the summer
Our little fish loves bubble baths and swimming pools. He's now jumping off the side of the pool by himself and thinks he can swim. He wants no help from Mommy...even though he still needs it. He even practices his strokes in the bath frequently.This was priceless! After one of my evening runs, I was doing my abs on the family room floor and look over and Ty was doing them with me...hilarious!
Trying on all my bike gear and sippin' on my camelback.
When I was at Home Depot ordering our new fridge, I turned around for a second and Ty was climbing in the display cute!
Hours of fun with one of his new toys...a sand and water table. Thanks Kimmy for this idea! Ty loved Eleanor's when we were in LA!
His "cheese" face

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