Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentine's Weekend '09

My parents made the trip to Cincinnati for a long weekend over Valentine's Day. It worked out well for everyone because my parents were able to spend lots of time with who they really came to see, Tyler of course. Additionally, we had a built-in babysitter so Mike and I could go out for V-day and have an adult meal, ya! Also, since it was President's Day, both a bank and school holiday, we all (except Mike...sorry Mikey) had Monday off as well. For most of the weekend we just hung out together, worked on projects around our house and had meals together. It was a productive, yet relaxed, weekend. We did somehow trick my parents into helping us redo our laundry room. We put up new cabinets and shelves and painted it a brand new color. It looks fab and my parents were a HUGE help. Thanks guys!! On the down side of the weekend, on Sunday Tyler got very sick. He was having a great deal of difficultly breathing, which made all of us very nervous. After going back and forth on what to do, we called the Pediatrician's emergency number and they urged us to take him to Children's Hospital Urgent Care. Off we went, and thank goodness we did. Ty was diagnosed with Croup, which was the same illness that put me in the hospital when I was around his age. He got a steroid treatment and progressively got better over the next two days. Unfortunately, no one at urgent care warned us that corticosteroids meant hyperactivity and a long sleepless night for us! Oh boy! We took the bad with the good, and were extremely glad the wheezing and coughing was slowing! It always seems that when we visit with my parents we have to make a trip to the emergency room or he his really sick...go figure! Overall, it was wonderful to see them!
Grams playing with Ty and his tunnelMy Dad taught him to "cheers" and "drink"...thanks Dad for that helpful lesson! haha!Tyler with both sets of Grandparents at our Sunday night BBQ, after a trip to urgent care

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