Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Simple Pleasures

The pictures really speak for themselves. Tyler is always keeping us laughing and can be entertained by the smallest item. Oh...when life was that simple :) Tyler is a blessing, as he helps us remember the small things and laugh often!

Building with blocks...then destroying the towers and throwing blocks everywhere. We literally have these foam blocks in every room of our house, and I clean them up a million times a day. He's obsessed!
Tyler spent a good 20 minutes sticking newspaper on his sweaty feet, on purpose, and walking around with it...laughing hysterically! He was bummed when the newspaper wouldn't stick any longer.The other night at dinner, Tyler decided that a sandwich on his head would be hilarious. Although we shouldn't laugh, we couldn't control our laughter. Fueled by our chuckles...Tyler continued to "feed" his head. It was definitely a bath night that evening:)
When we were in Columbus for the marathon, we stayed in a very nice room at a Holiday Inn. Tyler had an amazing time jumping on the bed and climbing on the millions of gigantic pillows provided to us. He also enjoyed running up and down the hallway in his diaper, hiding in doorways, and laughing hysterically. Of course...we were laughing too!

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