Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boo Bash

On Thursday, our daycare facility had their annual Halloween party, "Boo Bash". Mike and I decided to check it out so we got Tyler dressed in his Halloween costume and went to celebrate. The Boo Bash had games set up in every room, a pasta dinner and a bounce house. Although Ty didn't last more than 45 minutes, we did check out a few games, play outside and fill our bellies with pasta. Tyler even got to see his teachers all dressed up. We had a great time. We don't even think Ty was aware he had a costume on:) We were glad to get some use out of his clearly very expensive (sarcasm) Target costume!
Tyler taking a lesson from an older toddler on how to net a duck
Picking a prize after completing a gameMommy and her SUPERman! It's a's a it's just a sprinting Tyler! :)

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