Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grams & Granddad come to town

Last weekend my parents came in town. We moved in July and my dad hadn't seen the new house yet, so they came to see the house...okay...lets face it...they came to see Tyler! :) It was a nice, relaxing weekend. They came to my game to watch my cheerleaders, and a little Loveland football, we made dinner together and we took Ty to the park. It was too short...but we are always glad when they make the trip. Ty had an amazing time soaking up all the love and attention. He even did his best performance and showed the Grandparents a whopper of a tantrum:) I think my mom laughed the hardest when she realized that I was getting what I deserved after being a tantrum thower myself. Ty is still the cutest 15 month old we know...even when he's wriggling and screaming on the floor.

Tyler getting lots and lots attention as my parents both snap shots of him having his lunch

Granddad and Ty having a laugh during pudding timeTy, Granddad and Daddy conquering the climbing wall at the park
Ty and his Chi-town grandparents

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