Sunday, September 28, 2008

September in Review

So I finally have a second, and the update the blog. Although it won't be the best entry I've ever had...I'll do my best to try to remember all the things we've been up to this month. First, and most important thing was Tyler starting daycare and my going back to work. We started both endeavers the last week of August...and it was difficult...for all of us. I had a bit of a nervous breakdown the couple days before we had to drop him off and continued to have random crying fits leading up to the day of. Good news is...we've survived...and we are very happy with our choice of daycare facilities. Ty seems to really enjoy his teachers Miss Dana and Miss Kelly, and always comes home with art projects, a head full of snack food, dirty clothes that he's played his heart out in, and...unfortunately...lots of germs. Ty made it in daycare 3 days before we had to pull him out for an ear infection. Unfortunately...he gave it to me as well. We were both sick for about a week and enjoyed many doses of the "pink stuff". Then the virus struck....and oh was debilitating. Ty had a fever for almost 4 days and I am still trying to fight it off. But looking at the bright side...we have a routine down and the video cameras at daycare allow us and the grandparents to check up on Tyler anytime we wish. That's been very comforting.

Ty on his first day of daycare. He's clearly about as happy as I was!
Ty and Mommy...both with fever...trying to get some rest! In between the illnesses we had a power outage that left us without power for four days. It was right in the middle of us being sick too and the homecoming week at the high school I work at. I've been coaching JV cheerleading and spend all my Friday nights and Saturday mornings watching high school football. And if we're not watching Loveland football games we're home watching the buckeyes, Browns or Bears...basically it's been a football-filled September. During homecoming at Loveland I was also roped into coaching one of the male cheerleading squads and I drew the short straw and got the freshmen. It was interesting to say the least...and very time-consuming. We practiced 3 evenings, had to cheer at the powder puff game, and did our big routine at the pep rally on Friday. Somehow I was also roped into being on the staff tug-o-war team...and still have a sore back. I'm old.
Here are a few pix of my male cheerleaders at the powder puff game. I was so proud of them...they really held their own against the seniors!
And here they are at the pep rally right before their performance...looking cool! I wish I had videotapped their performance...but I was too nervous to multi-task.
at the dance with my aide (and former cheerleader) Kayla In Tyler news...we have quite a firecracker on our hands. He's now throwing temper tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants. He literally throws himself to the ground and screams. We have learned to just let him be and he'll eventually quiet down and resume his happy self. Ty has started saying a few more words but to others I'm sure they all sound the same...but we hear them. He says ball, cat, dog, mama, dada, shoes and uh-oh. We also had his 15 month appt this week and he was 22lbs 5oz and 33" long. He was 95% in height and 25% in weight. He's sprouted since his last appt. We are excited he's "tall"...and were excited to hear his stats mirrored my brother's at his age. Here's hoping for the Burkle tall gene to kick in! Ty also has become a bit of a picky eater. He now throws stuff on the floor or feeds it to the dog if he doesn't want it. We have also noticed he prefers to eat off of the seat of his booster after meal-time is over. We've actually started dumping the left-overs onto the seat after we clean him up...hoping he eats a few more morsels. It's weird I know...but it works! :) Ty can show his belly when asked, and pulls up our shirts to reveal our bellies too. He also knows where his and our noses are. It's so fun to watch him learn. We've noticed he's cutting a molar or two...which causes him to wake up in pain from naps lately. Thank goodness for teething tablets and Tylenol. Our little man loves to boogie and dances to just about anything that resembles music. He also waves to every car he the Kroger parking lot, on our street, anywhere. It's hilarious!
He's a Cincinnati boy...Skyline...and drinking from a straw for the first time
Go Browns...watching football from his chair And the tantrum...before...(note the look on his face) and during...
Oh...another new trick is throwing and catching. We have about 50 different sized balls and he's obsessed with throwing them. When we tell him to put out his arms he does and we lob it to him so he can catch it. He laughs and laughs! Another pasttime around the Scherman household...pushing the barstools around the roomwhy do we spend money on toys when he can play with a box for hours...and torment the dog with it as well! Out for a drive on our new neighborhood...representing for all the Bears fans out thereOur little boy...he's not our little baby anymore!!!We are looking forward to a visit from the Burkle grandparents this coming weekend and we will head to Chicago the first weekend in November...when cheerleading finally comes to an end (thank goodness!). Until's football, football, football...

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