Sunday, September 28, 2008

My crazy idea

Recently I convinced myself that since this will most likely be the home we stay in for a long while (hell if I'm moving again!), I could finally fulfill my dream of getting granite in my nice new, bigger kitchen. I know...I'm nuts! I had found an awesome company I was working with previously that was both affordable and reliable, as we almost put granite in my old kitchen to help resale. When we finally sold and moved...I decided to call Ian from Spectrum up again and see what his price was for the new digs. Now the price wasn't the difficult was the picking of the granite that had me in a tizzy. It's very stressful to pick a slab of stone and pray it looks as good in your kitchen as it does in your head because...lets face's permanent after the green you just shelled out. After many weeks of trips to the stone wholesaler and back and forths about the sink, faucet, and island...we finally got it installed and I LOVE IT! I don't care what anyone was a completely unnecessary purchase for my lovely new kitchen but it has fulfilled a small dream and I just adore it!!! :) Here are some before and after shots of the kitchen a'la granite:)
The before (not the best angle) but the countertops were cream
And now the new's "tan brown" if you're familiar. We also got our island extended so we can put a couple bar stools on the endand our drop-in sink and new faucet:)

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