Thursday, February 21, 2008

Snow Days

Yes Cincinnatians are a bunch of wussies...and we get an average of 5 snow days a year. Being a Chicagoan it's quite embarassing really! I understand in some ways because it's very hilly here and the schools don't want to take the risk busing the kids to school. On the other hand...are you serious...I mean we could still see the grass peeking out and we get a snow day...come on people! Chicago gets real snows and still has to schlep themselves to school. On a happier note, however, on these snow days I get to stay home with my little guy and pretend to be a "stay at home mommy" while still getting paid:) Could not be a better deal! :) Here are a few pictures of Tyler and mommy snow day fun! We even went out in the snow for a few minutes. As you can see...Ty didn't enjoy the cold much...but I got some cute pictures and got to use the snow suit at least once that won't fit him next year!

Oh Lord...he's standing!

Sitting up and playing after breakfastCan I have that mommy?I'm so cute:)Laughing awayThis is his new move. I think he's trying to crawl but it's turned into this "bridge" pose Dressed in his snow suit (thanks Great Aunt Louise) ready for his first romp in the snowGetting some use out of his sled from Grams and Granddad in our front yardTasting the snow (don't eat the yellow stuff Ty!)

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