Monday, February 11, 2008

Big Changes!

Sorry we've been MIA from the blog scene for so long! We're still alive here in good ole Cincy...and still surviving sans the flu which has taken a strong hold onto my school in the past week....almost 20% of students and staff out last Tuesday...quite a disaster...thank God for vaccines! My camera charger was being held hostage by my forgetful (yet loving) busy brother in Chicago. My camera died 2 weeks ago, after our trip to Chi-town for Pam's I couldn't upload all the new and exciting news! Here goes...lots to report! Hang on! P.S. Thanks Uncle Brian for the cute "Milk Tester" shirt! :)

1. Our trip to Chi-town for Pam's 30th was awesome! We got to see and spend time with everyone we really love and miss. It was just a perfect weekend and a successful car ride for little Ty. It was a big weekend because we were away from Tyler overnight for the first time since he was born. My parents did a great job with him and, although they thought it was too short...I barely made it without him. However, it was amazing seeing old friends and help a special gal celebrate the beginning of her 30th year. Aside from seeing Pam & Ryan, we got to spend time with Marina & Corey, Lisa & Bob, Amy, my brother and his girlfriend Therese, Ryan and Kristie and we got to run into Pills, Becky & Cort, Venessa & Jimmy and Rebecca at the bar later on that night. It was really a great weekend!!

2. Tyler is pulling himself up! It's a scary thought...but I think he's on his way to being "on the move". I'm so enjoying this "stage" of him being able to sit up on his own but not being quite mobile. It looks like it might be short-lived!
playing on his knees
success! He's up and loving it!
Smiley baby boy up and a bit wobbly but having fun!

3. We got Ty a new walker and he is a little beast in it! He is so mobile that he's figured out how to go over carpet and has thus forced us to childproof our downstairs...and quick!!!! He has figured out how to go backwards and has already pushed every button in the DVD player and VCR and has pulled out a small nightlight we have in the outlet in the hallway. We're rushing to cover outlets, put catches in our drawers and get gates up. He's on the move!!!

4. There was a scoot! It occurred while he was on his hands and knees and he kind of scooted forward towards some toys. It was quite an amazing moment. We have flip video. We'll post soon!
5. We're eating fruits in a netting. He loves it! I am obsessed with this new toy of ours and am on the lookout for a specific version that has a great frozen bottom to keep the food cold AND a top to keep the fruit from getting frost-bitten. What an invention! We have tried apples, bananas, and mangos so far...I have peaches and pineapples waiting in the wings. It's been so much fun and a great addition to his teethers...since his tooffees have been hurting him as of late.

6. Puffs are a go! It was slow at first...but now he's not only eating them with both hands...he's changing them from hand to hand.

7. The carrier is GONE! We have moved him to his new car seats now and it's been great. He took his first ride in the cart last weekend and he loved it! We have been having fun watching him explore various stores in the front of the cart sitting on his own. What fun. Thank God for cart covers though...some of those carts are nasty!

It's been an amazing time of growth and change for Tyler and we can't believe all the new things he's learning to do! It's so neat watching him change on a daily basis. What fun this time is in his life!

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  1. I've been wondering where you've been! Tyler is at such a great age-so many fun and exciting changes! It is so great when they become mobile, but then watch out! They are into everything!


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