Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cookie Monster

I have begun to investigate the wide world of organic baby products thanks to my organic-loving friends Kimmy and Marina sparking my interests (thanks ladies!). I have also started reading some of the labels of the baby foods while perusing my local grocery store for new and exciting foods for Tyler...and I don't like what I am seeing in some of them. While at my local Wild Oats with my reusable grocery bag (I'm such a cliche)...I came across these baby teething biscuits and figured what the heck! Tyler loved them and, as messy as they are, we are thrilled they were a hit (and dairy and wheat free at that). We will try the Earth's Best baby foods next (what fun!) We'll keep you posted.

Tyler got is first package in the mail too. It arrived on Valentine's Day and was a cute baseball bear courtesy of his Great Aunt Alison & Great Uncle Dave. He loved the box as much at the bear!

Tyler has also discovered cartoons and they have become a staple of our morning routine. He enjoys Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Pooh and Friends Supersluthes. It's really hilarious when he smiles when the theme songs come on and we can barely get him to eat his rice cereal because he's so into them. Mike and I have the theme songs stuck in our's driving us crazy already!

Watching his cartoons


  1. I was reading that Earth's Best is a great baby food and the best price for Organic. In the long run it doesn't end up costing that much more than reg baby food. Silly how I'm so far from that but I've already been looking into it! Hope Ty likes it!

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