Saturday, October 20, 2007

Poop on Michigan

Here are a few new cute pictures of Tyler. He's growing like a weed and is just coming up on 4 months, however all of his clothes are 6 months and up! He's now finally able to push himself up on his hands when he's on his tummy (Tyler hates tummy time!). He's also always chewing on his hands, not just a finger or two but his whole fist...and sometimes both of them at once! It's hilarious! He sticks his fists in his mouth then babbles away. We gave him his first haircut this weekend. He had one very abnormally long piece on the right side of his head and his bangs were in his eyes (he has the gift of great hair and lots of it!). Mike was convinced he looked like a girl so I gave in and we cut it and kept it for his baby book. It actually looks much better, and even though I don't really like to admit I'm wrong much...Mike was right!

We finally got to put Ty in a very special Ohio State onsie we received as a gift. The onsie says "poop on Michigan" (which is hilarious!) and he looked adorable in it...until he literally POOPED on Michigan even before the game began (gotta love that yellow, seedy breast milk poop). Oh well, at least we got some pictures! Go Buckeyes...#1 in the Nation!

Tyler showing his leg strength. He's a beast! Who would have thought I would have such a big baby!

This makes me laugh!

Fun in his favorite bouncer! That's his laugh face!

Daddy with his little Buckeye fan! (prior to the actual pooping episode!)


  1. Allright, now I'm jealous. I don't think Mia will be needing a haircut for quite awhile!!

    I can't believe how big Ty is!! What a cutie-pie!

  2. This is so cute Burkle. You might just inspire me to start a blog for miss ella!


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