Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Exersaucer Fun

Tyler's new favorite toy is his Exersaucer. Because he has such strong legs, he can easily stand if he could only hold his head up as well and as long. He laughs and watches as Mike and I play with all the toys, but he's not quite able to push the buttons and actually "play" with the toys. He has figured out that the seat moves in circles and often moves himself around from toy to toy. We did have to put a pillow under his feet because he's not quite tall enough to put his feet on the floor.

Ty has also recently discovered his feet. He loves to raise his legs and grab his feet and toes. It's hilarious to watch his little discoveries! He is so close to rolling over that he puts both legs and arms to the side but can't quite get over. We are eagerly waiting for that big step to happen. He's our little angel and we couldn't enjoy loving him and watching him grow more!

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