Sunday, October 7, 2007

A few firsts

We've had an eventful couple of weeks. Tyler has had a few first in his life. Ty got to go to his first professional sporting event. We took Ty to the Cubs v. Reds game on September 28th. It ended up being the game that clinched the pennant for the Cubs so it was very exciting. We have some pictures from the game that I will post soon! Also, I was stricken with a terrible cold and, unfortunately, Tyler got it. His right eye swelled up so he could barely open it and he was coughing and sneezing. He didn't get it as bad as I did, thank God, and was better in a couple of days. Having your baby get sick for the first time is scary though, as I am sure many of you know. We didn't sleep much because we were afraid he couldn't breath through the night.

Tyler also went to his first Loveland varsity football game (that's the high school where I teach). It was homecoming week this week, also known as hell at the high school (for me anyways!!!) :) We decided to take Ty to the homecoming football game this past Friday night and he was great! Even with cowbells, fireworks, 50 cheerleaders, the band and screaming fans, Tyler was a great little guy. He was definitely in sensory overload and crashed hard when we got home. It was fun, though, for me to show him off to my school friends. My cheerleaders haven't seen him since he was about a month old so they were fawning all over him (see below pictures!). We lasted until the 3rd quarter and then we threw in the towel when Ty started falling asleep.

We took a pix of his swollen right eye, poor sick boy! :(

Tyler and my captain, Hannah, at the Loveland football game

My JV squad and our little stud

We didn't have any Loveland gear so we resorted to putting him in his Sox onsie, bought by his Uncle Brian (and Sox superfan!). It was a bit painful for me (a Cubs fan), especially during the playoffs, but we needed a black or orange outfit for the game. We took this picture so Brian could see his nephew in the outfit before it doesn't fit him anymore. (painful as it was!)

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