Thursday, July 19, 2007

Baby Update

Tyler in his bests for his first outing!
Family photo at Michele Frantz' wedding Little dapper cutie!
Daddy and his little reds fan...unless they're playing the Cubs!
Ty and Auntie Kelly before she moved to NYC :( snif!

This past weekend we took Tyler out of the house for an extended period of time for the first time ever to attend a wedding for a family friend. It was much harder than I thought to get ready to leave (babies require a lot of stuff) and I did pump a bottle just to be sure we had a back-up in case there was no place to feed him. Thank God I did pump because stupid me didn't realize that the dress I got to wear to the wedding was linen (= doesn't stretch at all) and had no zipper so it made it virtually impossible to breastfeed without taking the dress completely off! Needless to stay it was interesting when I had to feed but overall the wedding was a success and Tyler was so good. He slept through most of the wedding and almost all of the reception. We've realized that Tyler prefers white noise to silence. He sleeps best in the following situations: when there is talking, music, the shower is on, the dishwasher is running, the hairdryer is on, the tv is loud or things of that nature. It's odd...when he falls asleep downstairs at night and then we all go up to bed and we put him down in his cradle..he wakes up immediately. He doesn't like the silence.

Otherwise we are trying to get him on a schedule and he's definitely doing lots of new things everyday. He is more alert and its obvious to both Mike and I that he is recognizing our voices and seeing things in focus. He looks at his mobiles and loves his playmat. He is also able to pick his head up when he's on his tummy and move it from side to side before he loses control of it. He is getting longer and that is obvious from how his onsies are fitting. He has also recently gone from NB diapers to Size 1's. We've also determined that he prefers pampers to huggies because of the netting that sucks all the poop and pee away from his body more efficiently. He is still only crying when he's tired, cold, needs a diaper changed or is hungry. We also think he's having a growth spurt because he is always wanting to feed! I am still breastfeeding and it's been very successful.

On family news...I had mastitis last week and had to get antibiotics to combat the flu-like symptoms I was experiencing as a result of the infection. I had a 101 fever for 3 days and Mike stayed home with me a day to help me take care of Ty. He is just amazing with Tyler...a natural. He always said he was nervous about taking care of an infant but he's just so good at it already. I don't know what I'd do without him! We had a few more visitors this week: my cousin Kevin and his kids Kenny and Ana came, Borsky and Laura stopped by for dinner and to see Ty and Kelly came down to see him before she left for NYC. just revolves around Tyler!

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