Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ahoy's Halloween 2009

Our Halloween this year was spent at our second annual Prostaff Court party. Our cul-de-sac all gets together and has a themed party every year. This year it was pirates (lucky us!). The adults dressed up like pirates and we had a pot luck dinner, bonfire, games for the kids and all handed out candy to the neighborhood together. Our neighbors are a really fun group and we are glad we made the move last summer to such a great street. It's been fun getting to know them and their kids. Unfortunately, our family has been ravaged by the dreaded swine flu (aka the H1N1) for about 2.5 weeks, so we didn't make it a late night. This year Ty did actually trick or treat with Mike. They were out ringing doors for about an hour while I stayed back with the neighbors and handed out candy. Although I'm not sure he remembered in the morning about all the sugar he got (thank God) he had a good time showing off his Wow Wow Wubsy costume. Despite the flu, it was a good Halloween!

Carving pumpkins at the last minute. We've all been sick and haven't felt up to it, so we finally got around to carving one of them the day of. Better late than never I suppose! Ty was really getting "into" it
The Prostaff kids (minus Tyler who decided to have a moment of clingy-ness) during the picture. Note "Michael" holding the newborn on the left (a bit freaky but funny!)
All the adults in their pirate get-up (we're in front)
Tyler and Johnny Depp (oh wait...that's my sexy hubby!)
Wow Wow Wubsy and Daddy post trick or treating
Mommy (in half of my pirate gear...I was frozen!) and tired out Tyler

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