Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I know, I know...I'm ridiculously behind...again! But I swear I have a good excuse and they are cheerleading and Homecoming! More about that later. But, back in September, we headed up to Michigan yet again to spend a long weekend in Sister Lakes with my family. We were also celebrating my brother's birthday while we were there. Ty is getting more and able to participate in the adventures at the lake, which has been fun. The big milestones this trip were jumping off the dock and swimming freely in the lake and riding on the jet ski with Mike and me. We had a great time, as always!

Ty and his GramDriving the pontoon with Granddad

Pontoon ride Swimming in the lake with Granddad and Daddy (not pictured). It was too cold for Mommy. I preferred being the photographer:)Jetskiing with Mommy (what a thrill it was for me to take my own child out for the first time!) ...and with Daddy too!
Hanging with his buddy GranddadSilly Ty with his bug catcher kit
We were also able to stop by Indy to see my good friends Kelly and Randy, who just had a son (Ethan Christopher) in August.
Seeing what it would be like to be a family of four...yikes. And as you can see...Ty was zonked out the entire time we visited.

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  1. hmmmmm...a family of four, huh? how'd it feel? i highly recommend it! hey, i highly recommend family of five!


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