Thursday, July 31, 2008

We Moved

Sorry I've been out of the blog world lately but we have been preparing to move and man is it a lot of work (as I'm sure you all know!). It was definitely much more difficult this time...packing up a house instead of a condo. Good news is...we did it (see our new house above!). We had a few glitches but we think all our belongings are somewhere in a box in our new house so that's a start. Here are the hoops we had to jump through prior to or during the move:
1. negotiate on 15 points of contention after the inspection on our house
2. go to the emergency room at midnight the night before our big move to get my foot stitched up after I cut myself on a huge piece of glass, rendering me virtually useless during moving days (now for most people that would have been a blessing...for me the control freak...a nightmare!)
3. fight with the uhaul company after they lost one of our trucks the morning of our move
4. beg people to come help us move after our movers only stayed 2 hours and left us with a full truck and lots more stuff to move out

Luckily we had our friends and family to help out and we are in love with our house and our new neighborhood. Finding time to unpack with a 1 year old is a bit difficult and SLOW but we're working on it. The great thing is we love our neighbors! Almost the entire cul-de-sac has come by with various baked goods, wine, notes and welcome smiles...a drastic difference from our last neighborhood. We are looking forward to Friday night happy hours, block parties, and many little boys for Ty to play with. We couldn't be happier with our decision to move and are so thankful our house sold in this market. :)

Also...right before we moved I needed a day off packing and constantly thinking about the move. My mother-in-law and I took Tyler to the zoo and it was such a fabulous day. I truly enjoyed sharing Tyler's moments with Marcia and appreciated that she'd want to spend the day with us after she just got back from her 3 week honeymoon and was exhausted. Tyler loved the cat house the best as this is one of his new words and he was using it at every turn, pointing and saying "cat". He also loved the always (hence the fish-themed bday party) and monkey island where the monkeys swung and hooted. It was a lovely day!
Mimi and Ty enjoying the fishMonkey IslandTyler watching the monkeys
And Ty's morning activity...Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

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