Monday, July 21, 2008


Hi all! First of all congrats to the Graske family. They welcomed a baby boy to their family last week. Cole Anthony Graske is gorgeous and we are so excited for Becky, Cort and big sister Mia!

It's been hectic around here as of late, as is obvious in the lack of blogging. We are moving in 1 week and we finally feel comfortable saying...we're really moving! It's been a roller coaster with negotiations with the buyers of our home (that's a story for another day!) but we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! We started packing last week thanks to my amazing mom who came in to babysit Tyler for 3 days while I chaperoned cheerleading camp (fun fun!). My mom is an a fire under my butt and finally getting me to tackle parts of my house I was dreading organizing and packing. We are now 3/4 of the way packed and feeling much better about things. Just a few public service announcements we've learned along the way 1. 1800gotjunk is the best, and totally worth the money. They took items we didn't know what the heck to do with. 2. never ever buy boxes! Mike went to Walmart 1 time and came back with over 30 great boxes for free! 3. get movers! Our progress and the endless pile of free boxes below!

In Tyler news...he's walking everywhere and getting much faster and harder to catch. He has learned how to slide down the stairs, but prefers going up to going down. Ty is saying a few new words and doing a few new signs. He says dog, cat and daddy (instead of his usual dada), and he's working on hi, bye and up. He now signs hi, bye, eat, and milk. We're still vigilant about using signs and hopefully they'll all catch on soon. Tyler claps and laughs constantly, he's one happy kid. He does have a severe case of the Mommys, and I spend the majority of the morning trying to peel him off my body and getting him to play. We are still doing water babies once a week, and he's getting really comfortable going underwater, putting his face in to blow "bubbles", kicking his feet, jumping off the side and floating on his back. He definitely enjoys the water, until he gets cold then we can't get him to do anything. He definitely has an end-point to his water fun. We now have 6 teeth; 2 on the bottom and 4 on the top. His teeth have really helped him be able to eat just about everything. We're working on using utensils right now and starting to transition from a bottle to a sippy with his whole milk (no more formula!). Ty also just recently moved up to size 4 diapers! He's grown a lot since his 1 year appointment, so we're looking foward to going back in a couple months to see what his progress has been. It's been fun being home with him and watching him change. We are looking forward to enjoying the park and the pool that are in our new neighborhood, along with using our zoo pass and Kings Island passes more when we get settled. Hope you are all well!
New pictures of our little toddler! He's still in love with his Buddy!

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