Saturday, September 22, 2007

Toys are discovered!

This past week we bought a new "mommy mobile". It was long overdue since Mike was driving a 2-door Mitsubishi Eclipse, which isn't exactly "kid friendly". We car shopped for a while and ended up buying a Honda Pilot. We just love it. We felt that car was meant for us because when we went to look at Hondas, after we had pretty much settled on buying a Toyota Sequoia, there it was...Nimbus Gray, 4wd SE, with a third seat, no leather seats (I hate them because they are cold in the winter and warm in the summer), a DVD player in the back, keyless entry (which I've never had before) and a sunroof! We love it! So now I'm driving the new car and Mike is driving my 10 yr old CRV. Gotta love those Hondas!!

In other news...Tyler had has 3 month pictures taken at Sears this weekend. The session didn't go all that great, he was crabby and didn't smile as much as normal, but we got a couple of usable pictures we can put in the album. Also, Ty has finally started playing with a few of his toys. We gave him a football-shaped rattle this week and he grabbed it and shook it repeatedly. He also moved it to his mouth and back out again. We were so excited! Ahhh...the little pleasures of life! See below pictures of the momentous occasion!

I love this shirt. It says "Milk Patrol...Seek & Enjoy"!

Daddy and his little Browns fan after they beat the Bengals! Woo Hoo!

Tyler "playing" with his toys for the first time

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  1. I feel your pain about the pictures. It was so tricky with the timing and everything when Mia was that young. It gets better for awhile then they get mobile and it gets hard again! How fun that Ty is disovering his toys! It really just gets better and better.


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