Monday, June 21, 2010

Christmas 2009 Tidbits

We had a traditional, yet lovely, Christmas. I hosted Christmas Eve again at our house and we had our Scherman Family Christmas at Marcia & Daves with all the kids as well. After a quick present-opening at our house on Christmas day, we headed per Cleveland. We did our rounds with Mike's Grandma and Aunt, then to Sandusky with the ever-expanding Hester clan. Here are a few random pix.

Auntie Cindy & Ty trying out the walkie-talkies My two sisters, Cindy & Noelle, toasting a better year-to-come for them both!
My awesome Bro and I on Christmas Eve.
The Scherman/Fletcher Clan: From left - Cindy, Brent, Noelle, Jay, Marcia, Dave, me, Mike & Tyler
Scherman/Fletcher Kids and our alcohol
Tyler Christmas Morning
Brutus! Go Bucks!Ty's "cheese" face
First time bowling with the Hester clan in Norwalk/Sandusky

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