Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Turkey Day in Cincy

We spent the Thanksgiving break with both our families, which was nice. My family was nice enough to drive the 5 hours from Chicago to spend the holiday here in Cincinnati this year (next year we'll be back in Chicago again). We got to spend more time with my family than we do even on Christmas break, due to all the traveling of everyone involved. For the actual meal, we went to my in-laws and had our extended Scherman/Fletcher family in attendance too. It was a great break. Ty loved having the Burkle family staying with us. Having three new people and all their attention was a dream come true for him. He just adores my brother too. When he's asleep, Ty says "where's Brian, lets wake up Brian, I wanna play with Brian". So cute! Ty and his buddy, Uncle Brian

our attempt at a picture
We also went down to Newport, KY to go to the aquarium with my parents and the Frantz family. We have passes and are looking forward to going back. We haven't been back since Ty was just 6 months old and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! He was running around on his own and able to enjoy the child areas as well. It was a blast!
So much to see!
My dad and I taking a short break from running after 2 toddlers and a kindergardner
Ty and Mommy checking out the alligators feeding a bird some nectar in the aviary
he loved the sharks!

A blurry one, but cute! Logan, Connor and Ty
best friends and their little boys checking out the fiesty sharks
Mike seeing what it would be like with 2 kids (Logan & Tyler) in Newport Mall on a stop for lunch
Our little indian
Granddad and his little partner...yeehaw
Spending some time with Granddad and Grams before they left for home
Grams loving on her grandson

**many more pictures on FB for those of you that can (or want to) check it out**

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