Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chi-town Baby

This past weekend we headed back to Chicago to see friends, family and attend an Ohio State football game. It was a jam-packed weekend. We got to see 3 new babies (Cole Graske, Aaron Laskey and Landon Cross) and we visited with one of Tyler's best friends, Hendrix Gustafson. It was lots of baby boys indeed. Ty also go to spend some quality time with his Grams and Granddad, who babysat Ty so Mike and I could have a couple of nights of adult fun.

Tyler introducing himself to his new buddy Cole
Friday night we helped our friend Jeremy Borsky celebrate his 30th at McGees, an old hangout of ours when we lived in the city. Friday was special because I also got some much-needed girltime with Amy, one of my best friends. We had a great time with all our friends. It was nice to let loose for an evening, forget our responsibilities, and live like Chicagoans again.
Laura Borsky, Melissa Frantz, me and Amy Achberger at McGees
Mike and I having some adult timeOn Saturday, bright and early (and with headaches in tow) we headed to the Ohio State v. Northwestern game, a tradition for our family. This year it was a much bigger crowd with the Frantz', Epps, Cooks, Borskys, Burkles and Schermans in attendance! :) Although it was a bit chilly and wet, the Bucks brought home a victory and, with the help of hot chocolate, we cheered them on with our friends! We did a little tailgating and got to take the L. It was a great time! After and impromptu shopping trip on State street, we got back to the warmth of the condo. On Saturday night, Mike and I realized how old we actually were, as we were still exhausted by the previous night's activities. We spent the night with takeout and the fabulous company of my brother and his girlfriend, Therese.
Brian & Therese trying to stay warm at the game
Our crew after the Bucks beat the Wildcats Sunday we went to visit with 12 day old Landon Cross, Ryan and Kristie's new little boy. He's just gorgeous! Marina and Corey were also kind enough to include us in their fabulous breakfast casserole and let Hendrix and Tyler play for a while. I miss my friends so very much so I savor any quality time I can spend with them and their families! It was a very busy, but an extremely enjoyable weekend. We can't wait to come back to do it all again soon! We send our love and thanks to all who hosted us this weekend! It's weird to come back to a place you call "home" and not have a "home" to go to. Chicago will always be home to me, especially with friends and family like you all there!
Mike and new dad Ryan showing off Landon Austin
Ty trying to wrestle 5 month old Hendrix

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