Friday, August 22, 2008

Some new tricks

Here are a few new thing Ty has learned to do as of late. I tried to get them all into about a minute is obvious by the first couple of things I try...he didn't want to do them all but here are a few things he can do now:

says mama, dada, dog, cat, uh-oh, ball, oh-tootles (from Mickey Mouse Playhouse)
signs hi/bye, sleep, more, milk, eat, all-done
gives high-5
gives a "pound"
gives a kiss
we're working on giving hugs and blowing kisses as well as a few more signs (help, book, bath, water)
he also drinks out of a new bigger sippy...thanks Lisa!
goes up and down stairs pretty safely
he finally learned yesterday how to go down our little slide by himself
and he's RUNNING...not walking!

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