Saturday, January 19, 2008

Splish...Splash...Ty's Takin' A Bath:)

Tyler has moved to the big bath, but since he can't quite sit up with 100% efficiency, we are using this blow-up duckie bath in the meantime (how cute is it!). He loves it! It even quacks when you squeeze its funny! He has also recently started playing with toys in the bathtub and doesn't want to ever get out of the tub once in it. It's a fun time for the whole family watching him experience something new and be so excited about it! He's definitely a water baby!:)Doesn't he look like a different baby with all his hair pushed back?!Discovering all his new bath toys (thanks Great Aunt D)Kickin back relaxin'
(I had to pick this picture..there were others better) because his little wee-wee was mostly covered and Mike didn't want that on the internet in case Tyler wants to be President one day:)

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